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BigCommerce App Development: Building Age Verification App In BigCommerce

20 Mar, 19
BigCommerce App Development: Building Age Verification App In BigCommerce

The growing Internet technology has proved to be a boon for shoppers as they can buy anything online at just a single click. While online shopping websites provide ease and convenience to shoppers, there are certain products and services that are restricted for sale to a certain age group, especially children.

Online businesses realizing their responsibilities to prevent children from accessing prohibited content or using age-restricted products have encouraged merchants to enforce age checks.

E-commerce merchants are investing in KYC for tracking customers information and verifying their identity. They are moderating access by using various age verification modules between website customers and the prohibited product/service for safe selling over the Internet. This facilitates merchant to safeguard their product range and brand name from any fraudulent activity.

However, choosing a better method to apply better age verification system often leaves retailers perplexed. While some prefer asking a set of questionnaire from the user, others leave it to the courier company to perform ID checks.

Well, to have this functionality in your e-commerce website, adding Age Verification page can help merchants achieve the desired results for their stores and boost their revenue

This article illustrates how the dedicated BigCommerce developers at The Obv.me got an opportunity to build an Age verification app for a client’s BigCommerce store.


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