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Each of us has been in your shoes before. We understand; building a new website is a big deal. It takes a lot of time and effort from many people. Establishing and managing expectations is one way we can ensure that you, and ultimately your website’s visitors, are supremely satisfied at the end of this effort.

At the onset of a new engagement, we embark on a thorough “Discovery” phase. The activities involved in this phase include auditing your current site and website analytics, meeting with key stakeholders, gathering critical information and assets, conducting secondary research and thoroughly reviewing competitor, peer and customer websites. All of this intel helps us to build a detailed scope of work document and list of technical and design recommendations and requirements. It also fuels decision-making for subsequent activities, including information architecture, wireframing and concepting.

In short, a more firm and comprehensive review of expectations and responsibilities will result from our Discovery phase efforts.


• Our expectations are to follow our proven workflow process to reduce the risk of scope creep, misunderstandings and the number of revisions per deliverable.
• JD’s responsibility is to provide Usource with our full-service capabilities, from strategic planning through website launch. This includes making sure the site has a strong SEO foundation and that the copy and content on he site is written to portray your desired “voice.”
• Usource’s responsibility is to provide JD with full access to discovery documentation, access to subject matter experts and internal resources, responsive feedback and swift approvals

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