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As you’ve already learned in section f., we swiftly but gently walk our clients through a “Discovery” phase at the onset of an engagement. The activities involved in this phase include auditing your current site and website analytics, meeting with key stakeholders, gathering critical information and assets, conducting secondary research and thoroughly reviewing competitor, peer and customer websites. All of this intel helps us to build a detailed scope of work document and list of technical and design recommendations and requirements. It also fuels decision-making for subsequent activities including information architecture, wireframing and concepting.

That said, below, you’ll find an outline of what we at Johnson Direct understand of this project at this time. Should the scope of this project should change after we complete our Discovery phase, Johnson Direct will work with you to modify desired deliverables and adjust pricing and target completion date, as needed.


If there’s one thing we hope you glean from our proposal, it’s that we believe each website initiative is unique. While we follow a proven process to get us from A to Z, it is really our client’s business, sales and marketing objectives that fuel our recommendations and mutual decisions. What’s in-scope when you work with Johnson Direct is that all of our upfront strategy, documentation and direction will undoubtedly support Usource’s desire to better demonstrate its value proposition and thought leadership through its new website.

Part of our upfront strategy will address Usource’s aspiration to modify its brand positioning and move away from a transactional, “lowest price” position, and to update the new site’s imagery and content accordingly, by crafting a key messaging platform and buyer characteristics profile during our Discovery phase. (Part of our profile development will depend on Usource providing a customer data file).

Our messaging platform will identify strategies to modify the look and feel of the site to have a more analytical, data-driven angle supported by copy and visuals. It will also fuel our decisions to transition your content tone from “best deal” focused to “best deals AND expert advice.” Further, these strategies will build a case for revising or engineering content that demonstrates

HOW Usource delivers on its promises.

  • Upgrade Usource’s tone, messaging and visuals
  • Improved content management
  • Website redesign
  • Improve site for search


  • Content management functionality
  • Beta testing
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple admin users
  • Blog capability
  • Linkage to social media sites
  • Support several form types
  • Support pop-up surveys or other pop-ups (i.e. market alerts/webinar notifications)
  • Provide basic site usage and performance reporting
  • Miscellaneous notables


  • In addition to the items noted above as out-of-scope:

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