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You just might appreciate this fact more than anything else you learn about Johnson Direct in this important section of our proposal. Each of us has stood in your shoes. That’s right. We’ve all been on the “client side,” working with an outside agency, wondering whether it is putting our project on the top of their priority list.

That’s why our project management process makes it a main concern to help our clients feel confident that we’re listening and most importantly, we’re making their program a top priority.


As you’ve seen in the technical and creative approach sections of this proposal, our project management process follows our design and development workflow. The discovery, planning, design and development process typically occurs in five phases. We modify this workflow for each client initiative to ensure the activities and deliverables for each phase match our client’s needs. There is considerable overlap between the phases and essential inclusion of client collaboration and feedback.


At Johnson Direct, our approach to working with clients is centered on the creation of a partnership. We partner with our clients, often becoming an extension of their staff to help them achieve their goals.

To ensure a successful partnership, we always begin each project by scheduling a kick-off meeting to confirm that both parties have a clear understanding of project scope, expectations and responsibilities. At this time, we will identify key contacts within each party, set up a clear communication and approval process, as well as discuss project goals, design elements and other functional aspects.


One of the best ways we let you know that we are on top of the project is to produce a timeline schedule. We always let the client know that dates in the schedule move and change based on project flow. But key milestones and deadlines should not change unless we have agreed with you that they can be flexible.

As a full-service agency, we understand that you’ve hired us to manage every aspect of your initiative. And, we are also extremely experienced at juggling many multi-faceted tasks and deadlines that involve a myriad of internal and external resources, tools, platforms and countless other variables.


One key tactic we employ to keep all client and agency team members tuned into our project status is a weekly status call. We schedule a weekly status call to discuss short term tasks and deadlines, review deliverables and assign future tasks.


Our team of multichannel marketers are your advocates. We look at your website as just one facet of your organization’s brand. Our well-honed project management process ensures that everyone who is directly or peripherally involved in the website’s strategy, organization, design and development is working together for the same purpose - like a well-oiled machine - to ensure your website is completed on time, on budget and with high-quality results.

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